Welcome to the clinic of Dr. Dov Sydney, your periodontist (gum disease and dental implants) specialist. The facilities have been designed to provide you with superior specialist's services in a relaxed, pastoral setting, because we believe your comfort and peace of mind are as important as the excellence of our therapy.

We emphasize conservative gum treatments in our therapy and select modern, "natural feel" dental implants to recreate healthy, aesthetic smiles.



We employ the most advanced, state-of-the-art techniques currently available to ensure efficacy, safety and comfort, including the use of sedation, computerized "needle-free” anesthesia, microsurgery and digital X-rays, which allow up to 90% reduction in radiation. Additionally, our sterilization protocols exceed both American and European standards.

We make your specialist's care affordable. Dr. Sydney keeps his fees competitive and is a participating specialist in most dental insurance programs. In fact, we even send in the paperwork for you! We honor all major credit cards and subscribe to a number of long-term payment schemes for your convenience.

We work closely with your doctor. Many of our patients are referred by their dentist or physician, which makes them part of our extended professional team. We maintain contact with your doctor throughout your treatment and consult, as often as required, to coordinate treatment.

Welcome to the clinic of Dr. Dov Sydney  

Welcome to the clinic of Dr. Dov Sydney